How to road trip

“A tree is known by its fruits.”

A South African Proverb
Storms River mouth rest camp

Google maps and the internet are your best friends when planning your trip.

Create a list of areas you would like to visit, investigate those areas and create a bucketlist. Read reviews and scroll your Instagram and Facebook pages.

There are so many travelers’ blogs out there too. Type in to your search engine ‘your destination blog’ and read different articles from various adventurers around the world.

Alternatively, contact us with a brief and a let us design a trip for you. It is literally our passion.

Hermanus beach town vehicles

Build your own South African road trip

A safe and reliable motor vehicle is a prerequisite for any road trip.

Any vehicle can cruise the roads of South Africa, from 2-wheels to 4 and from a hatchback to 4×4. For supreme comfort we recommend a VW Kombi/SUV with a good sound system.

South Africa have great and reasonably priced car rental companies that allow travelers to pick up and drop off cars at different destinations.

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Add these to your checklist for optimum comfort

Music for the car. Connect your Bluetooth up to your car speakers and listen to our Road trip playlist. Grab a few CD’s and take them along too.

A cooler box and some glasses. You never know when the perfect sunset deserves a cold beer.

Linen/Sleeping bags and two pillows just incase you’re not satisfied with a Backpackers’ bedding.

Sunscreen and Beach Towels.

A frisbee, Waboba Ball and Paddle Bats for good fun.

A bird book and Binoculars.

Coffee flask and ingredients and Ouma rusks for early mornings.

A Bluetooth speaker for late night jams around the fire.

A water bottle to stay hydrated. Refill when you stop at Petrol stations.

Headlamps, flashlight and a solar powered lamp.

Tabard Spray or Peaceful sleep is a must to keep Mosquitoes away.

Some shopping packets to use as a rubbish bin on long journeys in the car.

A pretty house in Hermanus

Support local, Travel local

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