“Let the hand go, let the hand come back.”

A South African Proverb
The loneliest roads take you to the greatest places, The Karoo

Road trip South Africa: Cape Town and surrounds

Cape Town, world renown. The oldest mountain range known to humans, wine tasting routes, two UNESCO heritage sites, endless panoramic views of natural beauty and the most stunning beaches. Adventure awaits in all forms. CONTENTS 1. HIGHLIGHTS 2. BUCKET LIST 3. COST AND BOOKINGS 4. ROAD TRIP ITINERARY 5. IMAGES 1. HIGHLIGHTS 14 Days, 1000Continue reading “Road trip South Africa: Cape Town and surrounds”

Pilanesberg Safari

I planned a Safari trip to the Pilanesberg game park in the North-West Province of South Africa with my Dad. I am getting married in a few weeks time, so I thought it would be nice to spend some quality time in the bush with just me and the balie. I have been to PilanesbergContinue reading “Pilanesberg Safari”

William Nicol drive, Johannesburg

Support local, Travel local

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